Book Guideline Agreement

By submitting this order, your verify that your book(s) meet or exceed the following condition requirements

  • Books must be in "good" used condition to receive full quoted value. Most used books will fall into this category. A "good" book will not have any of the following issues:
    • Damaged bindings
    • Missing Covers
    • Water Damage
    • Missing components (CDs, Online Access)
    • Excessive writing/highlighting
    • Workbooks, lab manuals, and study guides with more than 5 pages of answers filled in

    Note: Most "well used" books still have value, just not as much. When your book arrives, we will review it. If any of the above issues are found, we will pay you a generous percentage of the quoted used price. If a book cannot be resold due to excessive damage, we cannot buy it. If you have a question regarding the condition of your book, feel free to email us or call us during normal business hours.

  • Books cannot be missing pages
  • Books must be valid U.S. Student Editions. The following cannot be accepted:
    • Counterfeit Textbooks
    • International Editions
    • Annotated Instructor's Editions
    • Free (or Complementary) Copies
    • Professional Copies
    • Review Copies
    • Calendars

    Counterfeit Book Policy:
    We take book authenticity seriously. If you aren't sure about the authenticity of your book, please refer to for more information on how to determine if your book is authentic.

    What happens if I (accidentally or intentionally) send a counterfeit textbook?
    If we suspect that a book is a counterfeit, it will be held for inspection. If the item is determined to be a counterfeit, it will be immediately destroyed or sent to the original publisher, and no payment will be made.

    Note: Please check your textbooks for black tape. This is often used to cover up the fact that the book is actually an instructor's edition.